Hoosier Waterjet

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Custom abrasive waterjet cutting

Abrasive cutting machine

Abrasive jet cutting is performed on a CNC waterjet. The process uses a high power stream of water that can be 60 to 90 KSI (thousands of pounds of pressure). Air and garnet are added to the stream of water in the mixing tube and then go through an orifice which concentrates the stream.

Abrasive jet cutting

The actual cutting occurs after exiting the oriface in the cutting head. The most common oriface is 0.040" in diameter. Depending on the thickness being cut, the actual cutting model may use a radius of 0.020" to 0.022", which creates an offset to protect the part being cut. This radius also changes depending on the actual wear that the oriface has exhibited.

Abrasive water jet cutting

Water jet cutting without the abrasive additive is known as aquajet or hydro jet cutting.

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Facts about our Abrasive WaterJet cutting capability:

Cut almost any material

From metals like steel, aluminum and tungsten carbide; to glass, stone, tile and even plastics, rubber and vinyls.

Wide range of thicknesses cut

From as thin as 0.018 inch to 4 inches, and even thicker material cuts are possible.

Cutting table is 6.5 feet x 13 feet

Pieces can be cut from sheets or plates as large as the table. Larger format allows for nesting of parts to achieve the best yields possible.

Cutting tolerances

Close tolerances, of plus or minus 5 thousandths of an inch (+/- 0.005"), are possible over the entire length of the part.

Customizable cutting

We allow input during the quoting phase to ensure that the part is not over specified. By allowing the customer to select multiple tolerances, or edge finishes on the part in various areas.

First Article Parts

By using our First Article cutting option, you can make sure that the part meets all the requirements before production cutting begins.