Hoosier Waterjet

Waterjet Stone cutting service

From marble to granite, ceramic tile to glass – if you can handle it without breaking it – we can cut it. Our Dynamic WaterJet allows cutting of shapes, inlays and custom designs for a variety of applications.

For example, within the interior, we can create custom mosaics, medallions, tabletop or countertop inserts for various items. Mosaics are especially well suited for kitchen countertops, a backsplash, or for flooring. Consider adding a favorite quote on your kitchen backsplash…a floral design or checkered pattern into a tabletop or kitchen island.

For the exterior, there are an equal number of opportunities. Applications outside your home or business include inserts for your walkways, sidewalks, and other stone and tile pieces surrounding pools, patios and fireplaces.

The opportunities are endless and your imagination the limit.

While we cut most hard materials, we will not cut tempered glass or other fragile items. Additionally, some natural stone may contain inherent defects that we cannot avoid. We will do our best to create a final product; however, some cut edges may need to be polished by your countertop or stone supplier.

The following is a list of applications where stone cutting service is recommended:

Wide range of thicknesses cut

From as thin as 0.018 inch to 4 inches, and even thicker material cuts are possible.

Intricate shapes in delicate materials

Cutting composite items was a challenge, due to the thin sections.

Cutting tolerances

Close tolerances, of plus or minus 5 thousandths of an inch (+/- 0.005"), are possible over the entire length of the part.

Cutting table is 6.5 feet x 13 feet

Pieces can be cut from sheets or plates as large as the table. Larger format allows for nesting of parts to achieve the best yields possible.

Customizable cutting

We allow input during the quoting phase to ensure that the part is not over specified. By allowing the customer to select multiple tolerances, or edge finishes on the part in various areas.

First Article Parts

By using our First Article cutting option, you can make sure that the part meets all the requirements before production cutting begins.

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