Hoosier Waterjet

a division of High Performance Alloys, Inc.

Waterjet cutting services near me

Water jet cutting services are best served on a local level, primarily due to shipping time and shipping costs. Our parent division had used outside cutting services before buying their own waterjets. The lead times would be short at the outside shop, but it could take a week to get there and a week back. The end result was about three weeks for waterjet cutting, with little or no control over how it was nested, the number of parts cut and the quality of the cuts performed.

Waterjet cutting services

Our goal is to turn around cutting jobs with only a 2 day hold time. This holding time may be before it is cut, or while waiting to inspect and package to return to customer. We have two machines and the capacity to run three shifts when needed, meaning we have flex operators that change shifts and jobs as production needs change.

Water jet cutting as a service

We understand the nned for quick waterjet cutting service. We have went from running one shift with lead times stretching out to three and four weeks, to making sure the maximum lead time for cutting backlog is within a week.