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Waterjet Processing


Processing Overview

Produce Precise Parts Faster
The Mach 3 Series waterjet cutting systems feature Flow's patented Dynamic Waterjet technology with Active Tolerance Control giving you unbeatable accuracy, speed, and flexibility. Virtually eliminate taper with our Dynamic technology using angular compensation, and produce tight part tolerances, even at high speeds.


A Breakthrough Waterjet Cutting Process
Dynamic Waterjet with Active Tolerance Control produces more accurate parts at significantly higher cutting speeds than parts cut with a conventional waterjet.

This patent-pending system utilizes a newly-developed advanced motion system that incorporates unique mathematical cutting models, which control a small, articulated wrist that is attached to the cutting head.

The wrist allows the cutting head to tilt in any direction, compensating for the stream lag and taper experienced with conventional waterjet cutting machines.

Dynamic Waterjet Technology

Stream lag and taper are a natural, but undesirable, result of cutting with a beam-type cutter such as a waterjet. The faster parts are cut, the greater the stream lag. Stream lag causes part geometry errors. In addition, as cut speed is increased through a given material, the waterjet beam produces ever-increasing taper.

Conventional waterjets must slow down in order to reduce or eliminate finished-part tolerance errors caused by stream lag and taper. Now, with Dynamic Waterjet, these limitations are overcome. Waterjet Processing
FlowMaster software dynamically controls the position of the cutting head. It knows the amount of tilt and rotation required at numerous incremental points along a cutting path. For example, at high speeds outside corners require increased tilt to prevent coning.

FlowMaster knows the optimal cutting speed to keep parts within tolerance and taper-free. The faster the cutting speed, the more tilt that is required. In most cases the ability to tilt the cutting head allows for a faster cutting speed. Because of this, Dynamic Waterjet produces superior part features at higher speeds than those resulting from conventional waterjet cutting.