Metal Cutting

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Our Dynamic WaterJet offers superior edge quality compared to other production cutting methods. Our Dynamic WaterJet eliminates the need for expensive secondary operations that remove HAZ or clean an edge prior to joining.

For example, plasma and laser leverage vast amounts of heat to melt the material. Unfortunately, this process creates a heat-affected-zone (HAZ), a result that is suboptimal for many applications. HAZ may display different mechanical and chemical properties, depending on the material. For example, heat will lower the strength of strain-hardened materials, such as quarter hard stainless, at the site of cutting. When cutting precipitation-hardenable alloys (e.g., 4340, titanium 6-4 alloy), HAZ may change the strength of the material at the location of cutting, either making it harder or softer depending on prior treatment. Sometimes, the area also becomes sensitized and less resistant to corrosion.

There is no heat transfer during waterjet cutting, ensuring a smooth final product that requires little to no finish preparation before use.

The following is a list of applications where waterjet cutting is recommended:

  • Shape cutting of 1/4 inch and thicker aluminum
  • Net size cutting of 1/2 inch and thicker stainless steel
  • Blank cutting of parts for final machining
  • Short run lots of sheet metal parts
  • Screen cutting
  • Converting plate stock to flat bars with sharp corners
  • Precision cuts in 1/2 inch and thicker mild steel
  • Hardened materials
  • Intricate shapes in delicate materials
  • Custom shims in stainless steel and exotic material